Rental Tips

Before You Decide, Browse Our Rental Tips & Discover What Sets A-List Above the Competition

Indoor Showroom

If you speak with a company who will not show you their vehicles before renting, or does not have a physical location, steer clear of them! A-List Limousine has a large indoor showroom where we keep our vehicles throughout the year, keeping them in the high-quality condition that our clients expect. We invite our customers to come check out the vehicle you plan on renting. Some companies utilize older fleets, and you don’t want to be surprised on your wedding day when a 1988 limousine shows up at the church when you were expecting a new model limousine! 


Beware of companies who do not offer you a contract for your rental! Companies who can’t supply a contract may not be confident in their ability to meet your expectations and fulfill their end of the agreement. When you reserve a vehicle with A-List Limousine, we always generate a contract for you. Once the reservation is made, we take that specific vehicle off the market for your reservation, ensuring that the vehicle in our agreement is the vehicle you get. 

Shop Smart, Not Cheap!

Shop smart; see what you’re getting! Most people wouldn’t hire the cheapest surgeon, or stay at the cheapest hotel, yet many consumers shop for a limousine service in this fashion. The biggest mistake you could make when hiring a limousine service is basing your decision solely on the lowest price. This may translate into a large risk for you. Do you want to accept the risk?

Shopping on price alone is dangerous. Some unethical operators do not hesitate to drop a reservation to pick up a better paying fare. Don’t be the bride/client which gets the “the limo got into an accident” or “we don’t have your reservation” story. Cover yourself by getting a signed contract - and by shopping smart. 

Risks You Accept When Shopping for the “Best Price”

  • Your limousine does not show up. You miss your concert or special event!
  • Your limousine is late. You miss your flight.
  • A 1987 model limousine rusting at the seams arrives at your door when you were expecting at a New model limousine. Instead of being lavished in luxury, you are embarrassed.
  • Your limousine chauffeur exercises poor customer service with your company’s most influential client. You lose the account.
  • Your limousine breaks down on the freeway during transport to the Super Bowl. You and your friends missed the big game — yet, you saved $35.
  • Your limousine service gets into an accident and does not have proper insurance to cover the damages involved in your injuries.
  • Your limousine shows up late for your wedding. The groom doesn’t get to the church until 1 hour later, amongst bewildered and disgruntled guests. Yet, you saved $50.

Ask About Insurance and Permits

All limousines are required to carry commercial insurance and proper permits. Unfortunately, laws do not require proof of these credentials in order to advertise transportation services. It is up to you to protect yourself from a ‘fly-by-night’ company, Ask for proof of these with your signed contract.

Avoid all of the risk and go with the best - call A-List Limousine today at (248) 888-9600!